TangoTeQuieroMas | Erice Tango Marathon, 2016
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Erice Tango Marathon, 2016

5-6-7-8 th August 2016

ETM Erice Tango Marathon 5-6-7-8 August 2016 is intended as a party. Known as the “City of science2, but during those days also the City of tango, Erice vetta (the peak) will be the enchanted frame where we’ll dance from sunset to dawn.

DJ Team:
TDj Lady Fiorella Giliberti PALERMO
TDj Lady Tiziana Petrarca NAPOLI
TDj Mr Max Pajaro Plomero Grassi CARRARA
TDj Mr Marcello Pagliaro PALERMO
TDj Mr Radu Tangodj Tanasescu MODENA
TDj Mr Nico Don Aniceto Portioli MANTOVA


  • Registration is mandatory
  • It’s preferred to participate as a couple
  • During the marathon water, fruit, pizza, sweet treats, several appetizers will always be available


Friday 5th August
22.30 —-> 5.00 Towers’ Milonga

Saturday 6th August
17.30 —-> 21.00 Milonga of the Venus
22.30 —-> 5.00 Sunrise Milonga

Sunday 7th August
17.30 —> 21.00 Milonga of the Peak
22.30 —> 5.00 Milonga of Balio Garden

Monday 8th August
22.30 —> 5.00 The Embraces Milonga
Live concert by Simone Tolomeo (bandoneon) and Fabrizio Mocata (piano)

Formulas and members contribution
*** Friday through Sunday (3 days), 5 milongas: members contribution 40€
*** Single afternoon milonga: members contribution 7€
*** Single night milongas: members contribution 15€

*** Those participating at the Friday Night milonga will have free entry to the Saturday Afternoon milonga
*** Those participating at the Friday Night milonga will have free entry to the Saturday Afternoon milonga
*** Monday – The Embraces NIght with Live Concert – tickets for the Monday evening milonga (ticket includes the concert) will be collected during the afternoon and evening milongas from Friday through Sunday Member’s fee is 18€


For info regarding hotels, B&B and apartments, get in touch with (indicating your participation at the ETM 2016):

  • Erice Tourism telephone +39 348 691 2335 (Mrs. Rossella Cosentino)
  • or you can send an e-mail to info@ericetourism.it – https://www.facebook.com/EriceTourism?fref=ts


Info Nicolò Noto: +39 3472539948
Website: www.tangotequieromas.it
E-mail: ericetangomarathon@libero.it